The goal of Empire is to bring our customers complete property solutions. When it comes to our service options, the sky’s the limit. We apply additional charges for a few extenuating circumstances.

We know that, inevitably, some things require more time and specialized attention. If we pinpoint any of these unforeseen issues when we arrive at your property, we’ll always bring up additional charges before we dive into the job ahead.

Our Team Will Discuss These Extra Costs With You If There Is…

  • Limited water availability
  • No hot water access
  • Limited lighting in rooms
  • Excessive overspray
  • Excessive dust
  • Additional kitchen
  • Cabinets over quoted amount
  • Other workers on premises without prior notification

In order to most effectively deliver results to your property, we strive to schedule cleanings less than three weeks apart. If you request that cleanings be staggered above this length of time, we’ll apply an extra charge to your project.

Exceptional service matters. We make ours count with detail-oriented solutions!

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