Window Sill clean

When our technicians are cleaning your windows, we take in the details. Empire does much more than simple, superficial cleaning; we deliver solutions for it all! Since our team is experienced, certified and insured to care for these areas, you can count on one reliable contractor to meet all of your window’s maintenance needs. We’ll deliver solutions for every aspect of your windows.

In addition to high rise window cleaning, our services include:

  • Stain removal to eliminate dirty, stubborn spots
  • Hard water removal to remove mineral buildup.

We provide professional consultation to help customers understand any outstanding issues with their windows, and to deliver a solution that fits with budgetary constraints. With efficient service and honest, transparent communication to guide us, Empire ensures that all of our customers are receiving the level of care they deserve.

Our technicians take pride in bringing high quality solutions that maximize the lifespan and capabilities of your windows. We integrate established safety protocol, high-quality cleaners and equipment, and the leadership of experts who know how to faithfully restore your windows. No matter how many stories tall your building stretches, we’re here to bring out the best in each and every pane.

Let Empire take complete care of your high rise windows… from big-picture cleaning to detailed restoration!

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