Partially Washed Concrete Walkway

Empire helps your property maximize the power of “curb” in curb appeal! Our concrete cleaning solutions are designed to create better first impressions, safer surfaces, and hardscapes that can be a long-term benefit to your property.

Pressure Washing for Property Improvement

Your property is constantly dealing with the effects of activity. We provide a reliable way to reverse the effects of grease, oil, dirt, and other stains. Hardscapes see a lot of action – vehicles, people, pets, and even just the weather take their toll – and our job is to restore the quality to the surface. We:

  • Remove chewing gum, grease, dirt, and other buildup
  • Restore areas affected by stains
  • Improve the long-term viability of your concrete
With the best cleaners, sophisticated technology, and a team of experts taking control, your concrete won’t just look better… It will receive benefits that last.

Your Concrete Cleaning Expert

We are your resource for cleaner, more curb appeal friendly concrete. After creating a custom solution to restore every inch, we implement a solution for:

  • Walkway cleaning
  • Sidewalk cleaning
  • Driveway cleaning
  • Patio cleaning
Empire believes that “industry leading” should be the words to describe every cleaning agent, piece of equipment, and pressure washing method we use on your property. When you choose our team, you aren’t only getting cleaner concrete – you’re getting the best.

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