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Your Window Cleaning Service: What to Expect

Make every view on your property a great one! Empire specializes in residential window cleaning solutions that bring out the very best in every pane in your home.

We personalize our window cleaning service to your home. Our team takes into account the details that make your property stand out to deliver service that excels. For every service, we include core components to deliver the best quality.

    • … Remove all screens and storms (if needed)
    • … Use a soft strip washer, squeegee and a concentrated, ammonia-free, industrial strength window cleaning solution to clean glass, Plexiglass and tinted windows

If we think that a waterfed pole cleaning system would bring better results to your home, our technicians will integrate this solution into your service.

  • … Clean the frame to remove cobwebs
  • … Use a scraper (if needed) to remove paint overspray, bug marks, sap, etc.
  • … Remove our shoes before entering your home
  • … Move any furniture in the workspace (and always ask your permission before touching delicate pieces)
  • … Use our industry-grade cleaner to repeat the cleaning process
  • … Meticulously clean the window tracks, frames and sills
We also provide optional cleaning for mirrors, chandeliers, blinds, fans, skylights and outdoor lighting!
  • … Hand wash both sides of your screens using a soft-bristle brush and biodegradable soap
  • … Return the screens back to their place
  • … Replace furniture
  • … Conduct a final inspection to make sure that your windows meet our standards.

A Trademark of Quality

We want your panes to be a testament to the quality window cleaning service that we provide.

This is what every service includes:
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed: We address any streaks, smears, smudges, or fingerprints!
  • 7-day rain and quality guarantee: If you see spots from rain or compromised quality, let us know! We’ll return to your property to make it right, no questions asked.
  • Complete insurance coverage and bonding

Empire is here to make your property live out its full potential. And it starts with your windows!

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